Alex Day - Pokmon What Happened To You chords

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By Steph H - Pokémon Addict

   D                                                        Em
I remember when there were only one-fifty of you
          G                                                 A                      D
Well, technically one-fifty-one if you are counting Mew, but I digress
I guess I spent the best years of my little life
G                                                     A
Surfing Cinnabar Island to get 126 Revives
D                                         Em
And I miss the Pokémon Centre
G                          A
I miss its music too
D                                                                Em
And the way that Snorlax looked like Lapras on water
G                          A                    D
Pokémon, what happened to you?

           D                                              Em
In the old days, you only got one form of every kind
              G                                                         A
I could name all the Gym Leaders, didn’t even have to try
                            D                                                   Em
But now you’ve shown me Team Galactic and Dark and Steel and eggs
        G                                                                      A
Oh I want my Red and Blue back when Ditto wasn’t used for sex
   D                           Em
I miss the cycling road, don’t you know
G                            A
I miss the music too
D                                                      Em
And I can’t believe you used to be in black and white
G                          A                    D
Pokémon, what happened to you

          G                             D                A
Now Legendary means nothing to me
               G                                                   D                 A
Because one-of-a-kind creatures add up to over thirty
          G                            D                      A
And I only want three choices for my Eevee
   G                                       D                  A
I don’t want a rival if his name is not Gary

        G (one strum only, let ring)
And how the hell do you pronounce Sweecoon, Sooisine, Sweesign, Sooisoon, I don’t know

            G                                                           D                A
I miss holding down the B button when I thought it made it easier
           G                                                   D                                 A
I miss surfing to the truck and using Strength to try and move it
            G                                                       D                  A
I miss watching my Charmander evolve into a Charmeleon
   G                                                                                D     A
I don’t accept your Leaf Green, they’ll always be Red and Blue to me

D                                                 Em                  
Yesterday, I dreamt I was surrounded by Unown
           G                                                               A
They spelled the words “We're sorry on behalf of Nintendo
        D                                                         Em                            
We don’t get Poffins either, and SuperContests are so-so
               G                                               A
And the Pokédex was fine, it didn’t need a radio”
D                                   Em
I miss the Team Rocket hideout
G                                     A
And I miss the music too
D                                                      Em
And why have shinies if they’re so impossible to find
G                          A                    D
Pokémon, what happened to you
G                          A                    D
Pokémon, what happened to you

D                                                              Em
And I’ll never again experience that joy of mine
               G                                                    A         A      A A  D
Because you are incompatible with my brand new D-S-i

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