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Alex Day - Ive Got What It Takes chords

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Alex Day - I've Got What It Takes from Epigrams and Interludes.

Intro: C, F x2

          C       F
There are so many souls 
          C            G
who don't follow their dreams
  C            F
Ignoring their passions, 
      C           G
makes no sense to me

C                  F 
I could lie always time
   C          G
to follow the seasons
    C           F
But I think I regret it
Am           C
when I fall asleep

        Am         E          
I don't have super powers,
        F        C
there's no magic spell
    Am       E
but I remain faithful
   F            C 
to things to go well
        C           F
I'm not looking for miracles
E            C
at least for today
F           G           C
I know I've got what it takes

         C             F
And it's hard when you start
         C        G
and it's never at ease
        C            F
And the stars are so far
            C         G
but they'll always be seen

        C              F
I can't pretend I just make things
     C           G
with no rhyme or reason
    C              F
but boy that works worth in
G           C
when I fall asleep


C                     F
And there's no ending sign
F            G
But I take my time
crossing the line
F              C
I keep holding on
                  G (key changes one half step up) -> G#
keep singing this song

       C#           F#
And if people don't like it
        C#           G#
well it won't bother me
       C#               F#
'cause failure is still something
      C#       G#
I can say I've achieved

C#                   F#
And when we get that opinion
       C#       G#
moving on isn't easy
    C#        F#
but not doing thigs
C#              G#
would be boring indeed

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