Alex Lambert - I Didnt Know chords

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Gsus(maj7) = E --3
A --3
D --0
G --0
B --x
E --2

Em7 = E --x
A --2
D --2
G --0
B --3
E --3


G     Bm     Em    C
I thought I knew.

G              Bm            Em           C
But this just doesn't feel right without you

Am                C                 D
I tried so hard, to push away your heart, when I should've let it through.

(all of the above x2)


Cadd9        G           Gsus(maj7)     Em7
I Didnt know, who you were till you were gone.

Cadd9        G           Gsus(maj7)      Em7
I didnt know, you'd be so special to me, yeah.

Cadd9             G
Didnt know, didnt know myself.

Cadd9              G
Didnt know all the love I felt for you.

Cadd9           Gsus(maj7)
So Baby, please dont go.

I didnt know.




F              C                    G
Singing Na na na na, na na na na.

Didnt know that I could fall so deep in love.

I wanna be there when the morning some comes up.

F         C
Baby, please.


have fun :D

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