Alexi Murdoch - Crinana Wood chords

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i play it with a Guitalele, means fifth fret on a guitar

you can always transpose it to : C/G/F

 B       G#               E                      B
It was cold you hid your hands inside your sleeve
 B       G#               E                    B
as we walked I heard the laughter in the leaves
 B       G#               E                   B
See the shadows lying now where once we stood
 B       G#                E                  B
And I would lie down with them if I only could

 B       G#            E               B
Music came to me it came across the sound
 B       G#            E                     B
How you laughed and shone and danced a circle round
 B       G#            E                      B
As we walked away I saw a shadow on the ground
 B       G#            E                        B
There were stones inside my pockets that were found.
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