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Alexz Johnson - Love To Burn tab

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Em                                Am   C
  I can live without you I'm happy by myself,
                 C                                 D
But you get to me, You make me feel like there is no one else
         Em                      Em
Whatcha doin? Leavin hearts in ruins
           C                                D
Can't cha see for us to be that just won't fly with me
   Am                    Em
So by, Let's get it right
          Am                  D
Make it last, let's start tonight

             Em             G
Have you got love to burn? Kisses for days
                D                                      Am
Dont cha wanna grab on to something real, never let it get away
           Em             G
I dont got love to burn, time to waste
       D                                     Am
Cuz I waited far too long for the spark to become a flame
          Am                          C
And if it comes true. I'll only have love to burn for you

Am                            C
  I see you through, If I was sure you'd feel this way
    Am                                   C
For me, it's gotta be, It's more than anything we say
For love, to everlast
I need to know it's not just touch and go,
     Am                              C
That you are here to stay, here to stay
That you are here to stay

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