Alexz Johnson - 2 Am chords

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Capo 3rd fret.
Standard tuning.

[VERSE 1:]
Em                F
Snow falls on the city
Em       F
white on white
         Em       F
It's the color of hope
      Em          F
on an unforgiving night
    Em             F
you kissed me into ruins
Em     F
sin on sin
         Em              F
now i've gotta love your love letters
        Em    F
written on my skin

F                               G
I can't tell the stars from the downtown lights
C                          F
If i said I was truly over you
   Dm              G
my heart would say amen
    C                  G             F
but I'd give in to the cold caress of 2 am.
   C                           F
If I admit I can't get used to this
     Dm             G
will my heart break again?
     C             G                   F
as i fall into the waiting arms of 2 AM

[VERSE 2:]
Em                 F      Em          F
someone's scratchy music through the walls.
Em            F
sirens weavin' thru the streets
     Em                 F
i must have missed your call
 Em                F
gathering up these nights
Em       F
black on black
 Em                    F
i know your voice like it's my own
         Em              F
and it makes my heart go slack

[Chorus x2]

I think if you play it, eventually it will sound right. Its just a really hard song to 
and I'm sure everyone hears it a little differently to themselves. Enjoy...i think. -kim
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