Alice Cooper - Levity Ball chords

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From the album
Pretties For You (1969)
Alice Cooper

Am                  D7
I got my invitation to the annual Levity Ball
Seeing the location was within my mirrored hall

C        D7        C          (D7sus4   D7   [ch]D7sus2[/ch])
Walking in my room I found that I had nothing to find
I got into my evening wear and left my clothes behind

Am            D7           Am          D7 
I sat down on the stairway seven hours at a time
C        D7        C          (D7sus4   D7   [ch]D7sus2[/ch])
Writing all of this poetry that I knew would never rhyme
Am          D7           Am        D7 
The memory I knew, I must have had when I came in
C      D7         C      (D7sus4    D7      [ch]D7sus2[/ch])
Was of some varied places where I'd never ever been

(Am jam with bass notes: E,D#,D,C#,C,B,A#,A)

Am                      D7
Then in came a cake all decorated in my name
Am                             D7              
With four paper brown candles, all spelling out the same
C        D7        C          (D7sus4   D7   [ch]D7sus2[/ch])
The clock was passing out from time to time, I saw it all
C        D7        C      (D7sus4   D7   [ch]D7sus2[/ch])
Beginning of the ending for my first Levity Ball
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