Alice Cooper - Swing Low Sweet Cheerio chords

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Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio from 
the album Pretties for You (1969)
Written by Alice Cooper (all members)
Released on Straight Records

Am   Bm/A  
C/A  Bm/A

Am     Bm/A     C/A     Bm/A   G/A 
Forget, remember nothing flees
 Am      Bm/A     C/A    Bm/A   G/A
The force came from the flame
Am    Bm/A      C/A     Bm/A   G/A 
I pass along the path inside
Am  Bm/A  A        [ch]Ab/Bb[/ch] 
My light shinning always

Dm        Em/D        F/D      Em/D 
We'll get there first, a name cried out
Dm        Em/D        F/D   Em/D
And looked back on the way
Am       Bm/A         C/A           Bm/A         G/A         
Recalling falling down, a lot of time was spent that way

F#7               Bm           Em    
But this story starring me had already begun
 Bm            F#7          G
'Cause I had some vision in my sight
Bm     Em         G   
On the journey to be one

Dm      Em/D       Dm      Em/D         
Help me, help, please, help me, please
Dm        Em/D       F/D    Em/D
The screaming starts again
Am          Bm/A    C/A       
The trick, I find something hid
 Bm/A         G/A  
You look, you find, I win

F#7       Bm         Em         Bm 
While working, while the play was on
 F#7          G  
The play was alright then
Dm     Em/A      Dm      Em/D
Think thoughts, big thoughts
Dm        Em/D       F/D       Em/D   
Take off and go home, back next week again
F#7              Bm             
Right then, my story ended
Em            Bm     
And a new one had begun
  F#7            Bm           Em 
'Cause I had some vision in my sight
  F#7          G      
On the journey to be one

(*Am with subsequent jam over section with blues harp*)

Am BmA
C/A Bm/A (keep repeating)

(outro-slowed down tempo):
Esus4  G6   Am(add D) F  Esus4  G Am

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