Alison Krauss - Stay chords

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Stay, as performed by Alison Krauss
written by Allyson Taylor-Larry Byrom
charted by Bo Frazer 
with help from Emer M. Doherty
Notes: Alison does this in F#, (capo on fret #4)
If you can play the style where you hit the bass string and then
strum, then (on both verse and chorus) hit the bass notes in the
D to Em progression in a descending scale; i.e., 
D   A/7  Bm  A  G  D/3  Em   so the bass notes are:
D   C#   B   A  G  F#   E 


D     A        Bm
Where have you been,
   A         G
My long lost friend? 
     D       Em        A
It's good to see you again.
D        A         Bm
Come and sit for a while;
     A           G  
I've missed your smile.
  D       Em          A
Today the past is goodbye.
F    Em     D 
Time can't erase
F    Em      D    A
A lover's embrace.
Can't you hear it calling?
A new day dawning
         G          F     G 
You were longing to find.

Love's taken you far 
Away from my heart, 
And I've been here all alone.
Have your eyes failed to find
What took you from mine,
A vision that's faded through time?
But you sail away,
Farther than a summer's day,
Cause you heard it calling,
A new day dawning,
You were longing to find.

D     A    G      D        G     
There is a way to make you stay.
D      Em          A 
Darlin don't turn away.
D     A          G          D       G 
Don't doubt your heart, and keep us apart;
D         F         G
I'm right where you are.

(solo over verse)
(repeat Chorus)
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