Alison Moyet - All Cried Out chords

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All cried out

Verse 1

Gm            Dm           Eb        Cm
You took your time to come back this time 
Gm                  Dm         D    D7
The grass has grown under your feet 
Gm      Gbaug      Gm/F       C7/E
In your absence, I changed my mind 
    Eb              Cm              D D7
And someone else is sitting in your seat 

Gm            Dm             Eb     Cm
I know that I said thered be no one else 
Gm            Dm         D  D7
I know that I said Id be true 
    Gm               Gbaug
But baby, Im burning Cupids arrow 
Gm/F          C7/E
And heres the short and narrow 
Eb          Cm            D D7
Ive nothing else to offer you 

Gm           Gm/F
Im all cried out 
You took a whole lot of loving 
for one handful of nothing 
Gm        Gm/F
All cried out 
Its hard to give you something 
           C                      Gm
When youre pushing and shoving me around

Verse 2
   Gm           Dm               Eb    Cm
So dont look surprised there was no disguise
Gm               Dm             D  D7
You knew where I stood from the start 
   Gm         Gbaug       Gm/F             C7/E
So stop, look around you, youre right back where I found you 
Eb             Cm             D  D7
Take back your cold and empty heart 


Bb     C             Gm      C 
You go your way, and Ill go mine 
Bb     C
I wont stay around here 
Eb       Cm       D  D7
Dont you waste my time 

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