Alive In Wild Paint - God Save Me A Gun tab

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Artist: Alive In Wild Paint
Song: God Save Me A Gun
Album: Ceilings
Tabbed by: Kmilongo (

Chords used:

     F#m   Esus4/F#   E     Dsus2     A




Verse 1:
(through this verse you should play the Intro, but you can play the chords if you want)

    F#m           E         Dsus2      A
And God gave me a gun, said "Take everyone,
F#m             E      Dsus2           A
standing in the way of what you really want"
   F#m          E       Dsus2          A
So I took his advice and never thought twice
F#m            E       Dsus2     A (hold)
Headed out to find, to find a victim

Chorus 1:

    E          Esus4/F#
And if I never run
       Dsus2            A
Out of ammunition I'll just keep shooting
       E            Esus4/F#
'Cause I'm the only one
      Dsus2 (hold)
That likes to see myself hurting

Verse 2:

F#m, E, Dsus2, A (x2)

F#m             E           Dsus2  A
God played me a sound, said "Sing along,
    F#m            E          Dsus2     A
How fragile is the sound when no one is around
    F#m             E         Dsus2           A
You keep so damn confused, by love you always lose
     F#m                  E                Dsus2         A
But, child, it's what you choose, lost and lying on the ground"

Chorus 2:

   E             Esus4/F#
So I rose up and danced
        Dsus2        A
Like an angel with a broken body
E               Esus4/F#
Eyes turning to glass
    Dsus2          A
To run the rain across my face

E                      Esus4/F#
Streets held up their hands
    Dsus2          A
To lead me back to my sweet manger
    E               Esus4/F#
And tuck me into my flesh
     Dsus2 (hold)
When I woke up to an answered prayer

End with Intro
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