Alkaline Trio - Song For Julie chords

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Song: A Song For Julie
Band: Alkaline Trio

Here are the chords for "A Song For Julie." If you want your guitar to sound like 
the recorded version of the song, tune it down a QUARTER step. That's 
right, a quarter step. Not a half step, not a full step, a quarter step. Well, 
enjoy the chords and let me know if there are any errors.


     A    C#/D    D     E      F#    E5

Intro: A  C#/D   D

A                                 C#/D           D
Got the call, got the call just a couple of days ago
A                             C#/D                  D
That they took, they went and took one half of your soul
A                     C#/D       D         
There we were, nearly 1000 miles away when we 
A                      C#/D                   D
Heard, could hear your tears falling clear as day
        E               D
We just wished you were okay

Interlude: A  C#/D    D

A                C#/D               D
There are times, times you'll never forget
A                                     C#/D                D
In your heart, in your heart you will always live free of regret
          A                 C#/D          D
Because a love, a love like this never dies
         A                  C#/D               D
It just grows, grows and it strengthens over time
      E                              D
Grows stronger with the years of our lives

A                                             D
I was wrong when I said things never work out right
A                                                      D
I was wrong to believe that there's no meaning to this life
F#                          E5
It's just taken a couple of years
D         C#/D    A    
Shedding my own tears
E                                    D
To be able to wholeheartedly say to you
       E     D   A
we'll never be alone

C#/D    D       A
You'll never be alone
C#/D     D      A
You'll never be alone
C#/D    D       A
You'll never be alone 
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