All Sons And Daughters - Wake Up chords

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Verse 1
Bm A/C# D   D/F# G         A               
We have seen the pain that shaped our 
Bm     A/C# D  D/F# Bm          A
hearts and  in our  shame we're still breathing

Pre Chorus
       G            Bm  A    D/F#                 
'Cause we have seen the hope of your healing 
G           Bm  A     D/F# 
rising from our souls is the feeling
G          Bm  A          D/F#            D/G
We are drawing close your light is shining through

Bm                   Asus
Wake up wake up wake up wake up all you sleepers
Bm             Asus
Stand up stand up stand up all you dreamers
Bm             A                         D/G                         Em7
Hands up hands up hands up all believers take up your cross carry it on

Verse 2
Bm  A/C# D2  Bm G        A        Bm A/C# D    Bm G        A
All that you reveal with light in us will come to life and start breathing

|: Bm   D   G   A :|

   Bm                A                G                Em7          (4x)
|: Here we stand our hearts are yours not our will but yours be done :|
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