All Sons And Daughters - Brokenness Aside chords

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G                      Am  Em
will your grace run out
G       Am  Em
if i let you down
G            Am  Em       
because all I know 
is how to run
Cadd9 G
I am a sinner if it's not
D                   Em  
one thing its another
Cadd9             G                         D   
Caught up in words tangled in lies
Cadd9            G      
You are the savior and you take
brokenness aside and make it 
Cadd9 G             D
beautiful beautiful

Verse 2 same as 1st verse
will you call me child 
when i tell you lies
because all I know 
is how to cry
Em               C
You make it beautiful
G                 D         Em
You make it beautiful
Chorus 2x
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