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All Time Low - Party Scene tab

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All Time Low
The Party Scene
The Party Scene
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Key: E

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
E -   022100
B -   x24442
C#m - x46654
A -   x02220

               C#m A
Hey kid you've got 
alot of potential
but I think its
             C#m A
time to move on
so go on and blow us
away with your sound
           C#m  A
now you're everything
that we've come to love
you taught us to move
          C#m     A
now we'll show it off
Just drop us the beat


Verse 1:
              A    E
Here's to the fast times
the times we felt alive
to all the nights that
      E               B
we forgot to get back home

          C#m A
Stay seventeen
E     B     C#m
  the party scene
    A       E       B
has got the best of me
    C#m      A
and you have got
   E   B    C#m--A
to let this go

Verse 2:
  Drink up last call before
the sunrise sets the scene
of empty bottles heavy hearts
the memories of broken dreams
        C#m              E
we were so tired yet so alive
wrapped up in lies like sheets
of another one night stand
you know you left the
girl with nothing but the

Refrain 1:
A       E           B
sunrise through the window pane
      A     E         B
where tired eyes will close

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3:
  I know she hopes I choke
on this last drink
drop dead before my
influence gets to her head
B                C#m
  She said "I'll love you
forever or find something better"
It's all just the same
as when we sleep together
we wake up with headaches
and trouble remembering
what went wrong

Interlude: A-E--B x4

(Repeat Chorus)

Outro: C#m--A--C#m(hold)
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