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Allie Lapointe - When Amidst The Storm Im Shaken chords

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Key of E Standard Tuning

Just the E chord for the verses. 
When amidst the storm Im shaken,
Wearied by the winds and waves;
Lord, within me, faith awaken;
Jesus, hear me call your name.
Not to take away the turmoil, 
Not to change the tempest tide;
But to keep a constant vigil,
Hold me through the sleepless night.
       A               B         C#m        A 
Be my rock, my steady love, your grace, my all,
     B       E
For tis enough.

Often enters fear so subtle,
Weakening where once was love.
For despair, trade hope eternal;
For doubt, exchange only trust.
 When my faith is firmly planted,
Rooted in salvations hill;
No deceiver, neither tempter
Can collapse what Christ has built.
 Sing chorus twice.
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