Allman Brothers Band - Soulshine chords

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                       SOUL SHINE        by Warren Haynes
A                       E            D                    A
When you can't find the light that guides you on a cloudy day,
A                     E                     D                   A
When the stars ain't shining bright and you feel like you lost your way.
A                        E         D           A
When those candle-lights of home, burn so far away,
A                       E                 F#m                G
Whoa, you gotta let your soul shine, just like my Daddy used to say.
                  A                                E
    He used to say soul shine, it's better than sunshine,
                    D                                   A
    It's better than moon shine,  damn sure better than rain.
                   A                                    E
    Lord the people don't mind, 'cause we all feel this way some times.
                  F#m               G                       A
    You gotta let your soul shine, shine until the break of day.

A                      E                   D             A
Grew up thinking that I had it made, gonna make it on my own.
A                   E              D                 A
Life can take the strongest man,  make him feel so alone.
A                      E           D                        A
Now and then I feel the cold wind blowing through my aching bones.
A                     E               F#m                    G
I think back to what my Daddy said; "Boy there's a darkness before the dawn."

     (repeat Chorus)
       F#m                 D               A
Br.   Sometimes a man, can feel this emptiness,
              D                           A
      Like a woman robbed him of his very soul.
      C#m                    D
      Woman too, lord knows, she can feel like this,
       G                                          E
      And when the world seems cold, y'gotta let your spirit take control.

        (Solo Verse--Chorus--Bridge--Chorus 2x)
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