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Almighty - Jesus Loves You tab

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The Almighty - Jesus Loves You
Tabbed by Lee Martin

Em  /  C  G/
Em  /  C  G/
Em  /  C  G/
Em  /  C  G/

Em	   C	    G
I never wanted

Em	   C	    G
I never needed

Em	   C	    G
I never begged

Em	    C             G
And never pleaded

Em		C	G
To a god unknown

Em		C	G
That I won't let in

Em	     	  C	     G
'Cos religion is business

Em			     C    G
And there's money in sin

Em		        D
You're blind and offended

Em			Am
When reality hurts

Em			D
But I've never seen jesus

Am		Em
Inside a church

		D	C
And I've prayed

D	   C		D	C
I won't pray to be saved

Buying a brief burst of heaven

Em  /  C  G/
Em  /  C  G/
Em  /  C  G/
Em  /  C  G/

Em		    C         G
Immaculate deceptions

Em		  C       G
Going on everyday

Em			C        G
Still you follow the clowns

Em			    C       G
Who gave the circus away

Em			C	G
Reachin for something

Em			C	G
That's never been felt

Em				C	G
And they're tightning their grip

Em		C	G
On you bible belt

Em		        D
Dead eye disciples

Em		     Am
Who sin too deep

Em	  D
Jesus loves you

Am			        Em
But his love don't come cheap

		D	C
And you pray

D		C	     D
Yeah you pray to be saved

Buying a brief burst of heaven

Key change
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