Aloe Blacc - Loving You Is Killing Me chords

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in my opinion and in my singin way the chords should be like this:.
if u want to u can use a capo on the 3rd fret  <3<3
Em         Am                C
Loving you, is killing me-eee
              G                         Em           
When you know  it should be thrilling meee
Em        Am                C   
Loving you, is choking me slowly 
          G                          Em
When I'm with you i still feel real lowly 
Em       Am   
Loving you, is busting me 
           G                     Em
You don't ever put your trust in me 


Loving you,should mean that I'm your king 
You don't make me feel like anything 

Now i never knew you'd be so evil 
How did you get to be so evil yeah 

Now you telling me, that I'm bad to you 
You don't know what your talking 'bout girl 

Hear me when i say 
You can't just do whatever you want, girl 


Loving you, is killing me 
When you know it should fulfill me 

Loving you, is aching me sadly 
You know that it should make me happy 

Loving you, ain't worth all the suff'ring 
In return you never give me nothing 

Here's the news about loving you 
Well it's something that i used to do 


Stop children, whats that sound 
Looking my heart all over the ground 

Stop children, what' you see 
Why you keep shootin' at me 
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