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Alter Bridge - Wonderful Life Live tab

This tab basically follows the acoustic pattern. The one that Alter Bridge plays live. 
I'm sure the intro and the verses are almost perfect

Artist: ALter Bridge
Album: AB III
Tuning: Open G tuning DBDGBD






Repeat the intro for the verse. It's the same thing


[OK this is m first ever tab, and I have no idea how to put strum patterns in. So please 
to the song for the strumming patter. I'll just put out the chords here]

This part is for just, "There's so much left.."


and when Myles sings "to say"

strum and change accordingly


Repeat the same thing but right after Myles singing "slips away" you play this



"What a wonderful life.. For as long as you've been on my side.."


"And I want you to know.. I loved you so.."


The same thing goes on to the second verse... Sorry, I just know how to play the bits 
the song goes like "And all that I'm you let me be.." But I won't tab them out cause they 
all that accurate. I'll put it out once I get them around.

And if you figure it out please mail it to me at

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