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Alterkicks - Good Luck tab

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A great ska song that's pretty easy to play on the acoustic. Naturally all of the chords 
are power chords:

  C  Cm  G  D  A

C-Cm-G (strum each chord slowly) x1
C-Cm-G-G x8
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Verse 1(not too sure about):
G-C-Cm-Cm x8

Chorus (same as intro):
C-Cm-G-G x4

Verse 2 (again... not too sure about):
G-C-Cm-Cm x4

D-A-G-G x4

Chorus (same as intro):
C-Cm-G-G x8 (end last chord with one strum)

Outro (same as intro):
C-Cm-G-G (until fade out)

Hope that helps! Any suggestions are welcome! Please feel free to comment as well!
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