Aly And Aj - Belong Here tab

so i heard the song first time in the hellcats show and i found the song! when i
searched for the tabs there wasn't anywhere at least in so i tried to hear the
song and
find the tabs or something close to it and here it is-serves me well!

so the whole idea of this song for the guitar part is:


so this is the whole idea!

for the intro play the tab as shown above but without the "4-6-6" thing! you change your
fingers with the music (if u understand:P)

and for the "4-6-6" thing ,well in the song if you notice at the refrain part which they
sing it twice,before the second time starts there is something like the music is going
on tone up or something and i tried this and worked:) hope this tab is helpful enough!
not a difficult song to play i rly enjoy playing it:) comment for any help or if u want me
to explain something!
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