Amanda Jenssen - So Far Away chords

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So Far Away - Amanda Jenssen

C                  G/B
You're so far away
     F/A                         G/B
but somehow I can feel you anyway.
It's only been today
     F/A                          G/B
I wished that time would have stopped
so I could have stayed.

Am                            C
Maybe I'm not guessing this time.
Am                                   C
What if baby I just want you to be mine?
Am                          C
It hurts when something beautiful
C        G/B          Am         
has to end before it starts.

I thought I packed it all
but I forgot my heart.

C               G/B
I'm so far away
      F/A               G/B
the flower probably died but it's okay.
C                    G/B
This might be in vain
     F/A                             G/B
but if I was with you this is what I'd say,

Although I'm kind of lonely
I feel fine.
Am                                      C
Because I've done the discovery of all time.
Am                       C
Won't you come a little closer
C         G/B        Am
and I'll give you a clue.
I've figured out that happiness equals you.
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