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Amber - White Angel tab

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You have to figure out the rythm and Intro for your own. Listen to the Song.
After a while it's a kind of easy und fun thing to play :) Especially for Beginners. I'm 
working on the Solo. I hope the lyrics are right, corrections are welcome!


Am D7

Am           D7       Am     D7             Am      D7 Am
In your Eyes Sunrise, on the Colours of the new day
Am           D7     Am            D7            Am      D7 Am
In Your Hair Sunset does reflect glimmer of the warm sun
Am       C             G              Am         
              G      Am
When you gaze out your Window from an empty run, wondering which way to turn
        C         G             Am
and the night has given you new eyes to see
     C             G           Am
your future by the land of the moon.

Riff between. Maybe the Sec. Guitar. Listen to the Rythm again.
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Am          C    G              Am
To see Your World in a brain of Sand
Am          C    G      Am
To See your heaven in a Flower

Am          C    G        Am
To See your Future in the Sky
Am       C     G         Am
To See a Rainbow in your Mind

Am       C           G
Whatever Colours are in your Mind
Am        C          G
Are there painted for you
Am  C     G
Red Green Blue and Yellow
Am  C     G
Red Green Blue and Yellow....
Am  C    G
Red Green Blue and Yellow....

Am           C          G
White Angel mistress of my dreams
Am                C         G
Many Times i have asked you before....
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