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Amber - Sexual Li Da Di tab

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Em                             C                       Bm      Am
Don't you know that when you touch me baby that it's torture
      Em                     C                Bm       Am
Brush up against me I get chills all down my spine

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Em                     C                            Bm        
Don't make this one dimensional, the way I feel is sexual
                   Am    Em                     C                   
the way I feel is sexual. It can't just be intellectual, the way I feel is 
Bm                          Am                        Em
sexual, the way I feel is sexual, when you're next to me

(Throughout the whole song, it basically just repeats Em, C, Bm, Am; To change it up,
in between the verses and chorus I will finger pick the bottom 3 strings of each chord
to sound like the bass in the song. Any other questions, email me
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