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Amelia Curran - Hands On A Grain Of Sand chords

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Hands on a Grain of Sand
by Amelia Curran

This is my first time posting chords, and I'm still learning to play,
so bare with me if I'm off on any of these.
Cheers, Matt

Capo 6

Intro: G,C,G,C

G                         C
Hounds are broodin' in my bones
But I'm a good dog runnin' halfway home
D                    C
Hear the lonely promenade
        G                    D
Come to nurse the tender terrways

Am                   C
All hands on a grain of sand
     G                              D
Half smallest things are the high demand
Am             C
I can only serenade
And wait my turn to burn or fade


G                    C
All the colours you can see
          Am                 G
Cover the borders of a masterpiece
D                          C
Time can paint the best of me
         G                 D
Over the unclear eyes of memory


D                    C
Cover love from sympathy
G                   D
Be my maker, set me free
Am                        C
Truer hearts could not contain
      G                         D
How I cover love but I have not changed

G                 C
If I had the past undone
             Am                    G
Then I would give my heart to everyone
D                             C
Hounds are turnin', doves have flown
           G                       D
But I am a good dog runnin' halfway home

Outro: C,G,C,G,C,G, end on C
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