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America - Last Unicorn tab

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1.       Cm
When the last eagle flies
         Abmaj7         Bb/Ab
over the last crumbling mountain,
and the last lion roars
       Abmaj7     Bb/Ab
at the last dusty fountain.


       Cm            Eb/G
In the shadow of the forest,
           Abmaj7         Eb/G
though she may be all and one,
           Fm7         Gm7
they would stare unbelieving
       Abmaj7   Bbsus4  Bb
at the last unicorn.

2.       Cm
When the first breath of winter
             Abmaj7      Eb/G
through the flowers its icing,
and you look to the north
        Abmaj7       Eb/G
and the pale moon is rising.

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       Cm                Eb/G
And it seems like all is dying
          Abmaj7          Eb/G
and would leave the world no more.
       Fm7               Gm7
In the distance hear the laughter
       Abmaj7  Bbsus4  Bb
of the last unicorn:
    Eb   Cm    Ab  Bb  Cm
Im alive! Im alive!

3.       Cm
When the last moon is cast
         Abmaj7       Eb/G
over the last star of morning,
and the future has passed
               Abmaj7         Eb/G
without even a last desperate warning.


     Cm                Eb/G
Then look into the sky where through
    Abmaj7            Eb/G
the clouds of pact is born.
         Fm7             Gm7
Look and see her how she sparkles:
          Abmaj7  Bbsus4  Bb
Shes the last unicorn.
    Eb   Cm    Ab  Bb  Cm
Im alive! Im alive!
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