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Among The Thirsty - Id Need A Savior chords

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Once you get to the guitar solo and you find the phrase surrounded by stars then 
you move to the line in the chorus that starts with a star.

Capo: 2

(Verse 1)
           G                  D/F#
How many names can I use to explain
                Em7                     C2
The love of my Jesus The life that He gave 
             G                     D/F#
And so many times Will I praise You today
              Em7                         C2
I lift up my life Cause You're always the same
      Am-G/B-C2   Am-G/B-C2
And my offering To you I bring

Your name is Jesus
Your name is Jesus
           C2         G/B             Am    D
You're the wonderful, counselor, my friend
*You're what I hold on to
I know that You brought me through
        C2              G/B                Am     D
All the days of loss and to the cross, You knew
                G  (Am)            To Verse 2(G-Am-G/B-D)
That I'd need a Savior

(Verse 2)
         G                   D/F#
How many songs can I sing to proclaim
              Em7                    C2
Your wondrous love Oh and beauty so great
                      G                          D/F#
Oh and, What would I say If You brought down the rain
          Em7                       C2
And every day I walked through the pain
My heart would still say…

                                     G/B     C2    D
Guitar Solo  ( Am-D-G-C-G/B-Am ) I'D need a Savior      *Your what I hold*

Ending              G   Am-G/B-C2         G    Am-G/B-C2           G
        I'd need a Savior     I'd need a Savior        I need you Savior
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