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Amos Lee - Chill In The Air chords

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Chill In The Air
by Amos Lee

Capo 4

Verse 1

Well the morning came
Like a freight train
  Em                         G             D
Bearing down on me from a thousand miles away
Well it came and gone
And kept rolling on
  Em                       G                        D
Layin' up at night with a tear stained sheet as my veil


I don't want to see you again
I don't want to feel your breath
        Em               G          D
As you leaned on me so peacefully while we slept
And I don't want the keys to our door
I don't live there anymore
         Em              G               D
And I'll do my best just to forget the dreams we've dreamt

Verse 2

         Bm                     D
Well the morning came with the pouring rain
 Em                 G          D
And I felt just as empty as a pail
         Bm                D
With the evidence of your crime confessed
    Em                        G                         D
It don't seem right that it's me that spent nights in jail

Repeat Chorus


      A        F#m          G
If you feel a chill in the air
         A      F#m         G
It's my spirit hanging somewhere
     A      F#m         G
And if you ever get scared
             D   G   A
Look at the bright side
              D   G
You've got a new life

Verse 3

Now the evening's come
And I'm all alone
 Em                  G                         D
And I can't tell if silence is my foe or my friend
Well I'm holding on
But I ain't too strong
   Em                                 G                         D
I've gotta get some rest before that train come back round the bend

Repeat Chorus
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