Amy Macdonald - This Pretty Face chords

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Capo 3rd

D  F#m   Em   Asus4

        D                 F#m           Em                    Asus4
I don't care who does her hair, I don't care what clothes she wears

        D              F#m        Em             Asus4
I don't care if it's YSL, I don't care if it's Chanel

                D              F#m             Em            Asus4
What matters to me is a strong belief or this beauty is skin deep

                 D                      F#m        Em             Asus4
Don't care about hair, don't care about eyes, it's about what's inside

 D                                               F#m
You never know who you'll meet on the way to the top
You'll probably see them again when your fame starts to drop
Down, down, I'll meet you on the ground
D                                               F#m
It's no good with your hair and your shiny blue eyes
It's no good when you finally start to realise
 Em                    Asus4                
I need something more,, this pretty face don't work no more

     D                    F#m                             Em      Asus4
What happened to achieving, what happened to believing in yourself

    D                        F#m               Em    Asus4
Why listen to the musings of someone, somebody else?

        D                           F#m                       Em    Asus4
Well I'm sorry I don't see it and I can't quite believe it anymore

     D                          F#m                        Em       Asus4
What happened to believing that beauty's in the eye of the beholder?

Chorus x 2
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