Amy Winehouse - Valerie chords

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Verse 1
         Emaj7                                           Fm
Well sometimes i go out by myself and i look across the water
And I think of all the things,
what you're doing and in my head i make a picture

      Ab                                Gm
'cos since i've come on home , well my body's been a mess
           Ab                            Gm
And i've missed your ginger hair and the way you like to dress
Ab                     Gm                          Bb
Won't you come on over stop making a fool out of me
                            Emaj7     Fm
Why won't you come on over Valerie? Valerie?

Verse 2
Did you have to go to jail, put your house up for sale,
did you get a good lawyer?
I hope you didnt catch a tan
I hope you find the right man who'll fix it up for ya
Are you shoppin' anywhere,
changed the colour of your hair , are you busy?
And did you have to pay the fine
you were dodging all the time are you still dizzy

repeat chorus

repeat verse 1

repeat chorus
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