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Amy Winehouse - I Heard Love Is Blind chords

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Dmaj7  Dmaj7  C#maj7 Cmaj7
Cmaj7  C#maj7 Dmaj7
F#m7-5 B7+5   Em7    Gdim  x2

Dmaj7  Gadd9  A7     F#m7  B9
E9     A13    F#m7   B9
E9     A13    Dmaj7 
Dmaj7  E9     Em9    A13   Dmaj7


Dmaj7 ~ \C#maj7  \Cmaj7
x5767x   x4656x   x3545x 
Cmaj7   /C#maj7  /Dmaj7  ~
x3545x   x4656x   x5767x
F#m7-5   B7+5     Em7    Gdim   x2 
x910910x 7x788x   x7978x xx8686

Dmaj7  ~ Gadd9    A7     F#m7   B9
x5767x   5x543x   5x522x 2x222x x2122x
E9       A13      F#m7   B9
x7677x   5x567x   2x222x x2122x
E9       A13      Dmaj7  ~       
x7677x   5x567x   x5767x      > rpt from start        
                              > last line...
Dmaj7    E9       Em9    A13    Dmaj7
x5767x   x7677x   x7577x 5x567x x5767x

I couldn't resist him 
His eyes were like yours 
His hair was exactly the shade of brown

He's just not as tall 
But I couldn't tell 
It was dark and I was lying down

You are everything 
He means nothing to me 
I can't even remember his name

Why're you so upset? 
Baby, you weren't there 
And I was thinking of you when I came

What do you expect? 
You left me here alone 
I drank so much and needed to touch

Don't overreact 
I pretended he was you 
You wouldn't want me to be lonely

How can I put it so you understand? 
I didn't let him hold my hand 
But he looked like you 
I guess he looked like you 
No, he wasn't you

But you can still trust me 
This ain't infidelity 
It's not cheating 
Oh, you were on my mind

Yes, he looked like you 
But I heard love is blind

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