Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry On Their Own chords

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Tears dry on their own 

by Amy Winehouse

Alternative key from the original song

Verse 1 :

A                             F#m6   
All I can ever be to you is a darkness that we know
    Dmaj7         C#m7  Bm7
And this regret I got accustomed to
A                         F#m6
Once it was so right when we were at our high
Dmaj7           C#m7     Bm7
Waiting for you in the hotel at night
         A                             F#m6
I knew I hadn't met my match but every moment we could snatch
  Dmaj7          C#m7  Bm7
I dont know why I got so attached
           A                         F#m6
It' s my responsibility and you dont owe nothing to me
       Dmaj7        C#m7      Bm7
But to walk away, I have no capacity

Chorus :

D    Bm7
He walks away,
C#m7    F#m7
the sun goes down
D    Bm7
He takes the day
    C#m7 F#m7
but I'm grown
       D     Bm7
And in your way
        C#m7    F#m7
in this blue shade
   Bm7                D
My tears dry on their own

Verse 2 :

A                       F#m6
I dont understand, why do I stress the man
     Dmaj7           C#m7   Bm7
When there's so many better things at hand
           A                    F#m6
We could a never had it all, we had to hit a wall
   Dmaj7    C#m7  Bm7
So this is inevitable withdrawal
        A                         F#m6
Even if I stop wanting you, a perspective pushes through
     Dmaj7        C#m7        Bm7
I' ll be some next man' s other woman soon
         A                                F#m6
I cannot play myself again, I should just be my own best friend
    Dmaj7         C#m7           Bm7
Not **** myself in the head with stupid men


D                  D
So we are history, your shadow covers me
D              D
The sky above, a blaze


  A                                    F#m6
I wish I could sing no regrets and no emotional debts
       Dmaj7          C#m7    Bm7
'Cause as we kiss goodbye the sun sets
   A                   F#m6
So we are history, the shadow covers me
    Dmaj7       C#m7       Bm7
The sky above a blaze that only lovers see



  A       F#m6     Dmaj7    C#m7     Bm7       D       F#m7
577655   X6767X   X56765   X46454   X24232   X57775   242222   

Tabbed by Yves-Marie SALA‹N, Quimper FRANCE, 18/06/2013 
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