Ana Free - Questions In My Mind chords

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Artist: Ana Free
Song:   Questions In My Mind
Tuning: Standard tuning
Capo:   2nd fret

These are the original chords of this song. I've got them from the lyrics/chords 
section of her website.

G        C           G          C
I've forgotten how you fell for me
G          C           G         C
You made promises you could not keep
G           C            G              C
Free from passion, your love is moving on
F                          C
In a minute everything is gone
G            C       G             C
There's no time for old or new regrets
    G              C              G               C
It wasn't perfect but it was as good as perfect gets
G            C                G        C
I've seen through you like looking at myself
F                                 D
Maybe love is meant for someone else?

Em           C             G             Am
But I can't go on like I feel the way I do
     Em         C           G            Em
With so much emotion I'm confused about you
F     C              G                     Em
Why? Why? I could answer but I won't even try
F             C                         D               G
Why? Tell me why are there questions unanswered in my mind?

G           C       G         C
These are lines to fit me in my place
G           C          G       C
Share the crisis I've had to face
G         C               G               C
Here or there? Back or forward? I don't know
F                            C
Did you ever mean to let me go?

Am7                        Dm
I've been searching for a life line
                      E                   Am
But I'm not alone cuz I got me, myself and I
Am7                           Dm
I've been trying to move out for some time now
           E                            E
I've been down and out, but I'll come around

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