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Anarchy Club - Collide Acoustic tab

Hey yo, first tab. Every Collide tab omits this section, which is a shame since it's the 
part of the song. Thanks to Chris Lingo for giving me the chord structure. I just 
it out a little. :3
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e  -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
B  -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
G  -------0----------0--------0---------0------0--------------------------|
D  -----7---------10--------5---------5------5---5-3----------------------|
A  ---5---------8---------3---------2----2/3------------------------------|
D  -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
[Repeat once]

e  ------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B  ------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G  -------0-----0----------0------0----------0-----0---------0-------0-----|
D  -----7-----7-----7---10-----10-----10---5-----5-----5---5-------5---5-3-|
A  ---5-----5-----5---8------8------8----3-----3-----3---2-----2/3---------|
D  ------------------------------------------------------------------------|
[Repeat once]

e  -------|
B  -------|
G  -------|
D  ---3-5-|
A  ---3-5-|
D  ---3-5-|
[Electric Solo starts here]

[DRX] ~ "Time and tide, our worlds collide, tomorrow comes tonight..."
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