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Andrew Jackson Jihad - Personal Space Invader tab

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		 Personal Space Invader - Andrew Jackson Jihad
Tabbed by: CadetPD


C F Am Em

C               F                Am          Em 
I gave birth to twin wire hang overs.

C              F               Am            Em         
and now I am a personal space invader.

C                F               Am          Em
I've got essays, I've got finals due.

C          F                 Am              Em        
I have got lots and lots of problems.

Look out!

Look ou-ah-how-ow out

C  F  Am Em

C                   F                  Am       Em
And how can you put that straw up your nose, 

         C        F         Am              Em
when you know how coke is manufactured?

C                    F             Am         Em
Its made by children for the immature.

C          F                     Am             Em
It is made by babies who've been captured.

C                               Em
It's a sin against your fellow man.

C             Em

C  F  Am  Em

Changes Tempo

     C               F                  Am                                 
And  welcome to this world, have as much fun as 
you would like while  

        C                F                 Am        Em  
helping others have as much fun as you are having.

   C                 F            Am                 Em
Be kind to those you love, and be kind to those you don't.

        C                  F              Am                   Em
But for Gods sake you gotta be kind, and respectful because we're all one soul. 

Be the best fucking human you could be!

C F Am Em
Keep speeding up each time
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