Andrew Jackson Jihad - We Shall Die Alone Someday chords

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I apologize in advance as this won't sound completely right. He throws a few notes 
on between each succession, but, this is about as close as I could get it.

In the introduction, he puts his finger across the entire fret, which I'll just call barD and barE

Am G x4
Am barD barD barE x3

Am                C
Bad things happen every day
Am                    D
Cancer and murder and herpes and AIDS
Am        C   G     D
We'll all die alone someday
I hope we don't die alone

Am G x2

Am                    C
And our vices make it bearable enough
Am                                D
To know our lives are shit but to not give a fuck
Am           C   G    D
They make it bearable enough to
Help us on our way

Am G x2

Am                           C
Still, it feels nice to feel alive
Am                                 D
To try and find a house or home or someplace to thrive
Am       C        G    D
It feels great to feel alive
Except for all those times we feel dead

Am G x2

Am                         C
And how do we maintain our buoyancy
Am                                       D
In this salty lake of shit and tears and murder and disease?
Am     C       G         D
How do we keep ourselves afloat
Am     C    G   Am
In all this sad stuff?

Am G x2

I've got to know the answers
I've got to know it now
I need to know the answers
G         G5 G#5 G5 G#5
I have to know how

Am        C   G     D
We'll all die alone someday
I hope we don't die alone

(lead into Forest Fire)
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