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Andrew Jackson Jihad - Theres No War In This Love chords

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			     There's No War In This Love - Andrew Jackson Jihad
Tabbed by: CadetPD


   G   Am  C   D   F#/G 


Am               C                G
I think I should like to wear your face
Am              C           G          
See the world through your eyes
Am            C
I'd go up and down
            G    F#/G     Em
And I'd go all around the town
     C          D
Feel human for once in my life


Am               C      G
I think I should cut me open
    Am              C      G
And take out all of my bad things
    Am            C
I'd put them in a pan
        G        F#/G    Em
And I'd fry them up with oil
         C              D    G
And I'd put them back inside again

  Am                       C
I pull your heart so I can poke and trod your soul
  Am                       C
I Couldn't help but notice it is so damn beautiful
  Am                       C
I think on my own, but I draw up a blank
  Am                   C          G
Cuz Where my words are now just a hole

Am      C         G
We are fighting a war
 Am           C                G
A war that is bound to end all wars
Am          C
When we all die
    G   F#/G   Em
And No one is alive
C         D      G
We won't fight anymore

Am                        C
Life is a two-way path to nowhere
Am                            C
Lets let our conscience be our guide
  Am                         C
With no expectations of the afterlife
         Am               C         G                        
We can be proud of how we lived our life


Am D G	
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