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Andrew Jackson Jihad - I Love You chords

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This is how i play this song, fell free to find your way to play it.
I play it this way because it seems to emulate the bass, and sounds great to me, i
play this without pick. Hope you'll enjoy.

The positions I use for this song:
 C    F    G    Am
-0-  -0-  -0-  -0-|
-1-  -1-  -1-  -1-|
-0-  -2-  -0-  -2-|
-2-  -3-  ---  -2-|
-3-  -0-  -2-  -0-|
---  ---  -3-  -0-|

I'll use [  ] to denote what to play in a "normal way" (only in the chorus).

---------| (x4)

F        G       C

I like telling dirty jokes,
And I like smoking crystal meth,
    F       G      C
But darling I love you.

And I like laughing at retards,
And I like throwing rocks at dogs,
F           G      C
But darling I love you.

[F]                 [G]
I love you like the moon and stars,
    [C]             [Am]
When little kids get hit by cars,
F        G         C
Girl you know it's true.
F        G      C
Darling, I love you.

I've been tryin' to move on,
since you left, Since you've been gone,
    F       G       C
but it's so hard on me.

Talked to a girl in first hour,
bought her a cd, Bought her a flower,
    F       G      C
but she's a stupid cunt.

   [F]          [G]        [C]          [Am]
But I'll take anything, and I'll take anyone.
    [F]           [G]     [C]           [Am]
I'll take an angry lesbian with a loaded gun.
    [F]               [G]          [C]        [Am]
I'll take a whore with syphilis and gonorrhea too.
    F        G      C
But darling, I love you.
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