Andrew Jackson Jihad - People Ii The Reckoning tab

Song: Andrew Jackson Jihad - People II The Reckoning
Tuning: Standard
Tabbed by: Wildozer

Hold the chord shapes as much as possible using your pinkie and other fingers 
to create the little melodies between chord changes. This does not show the 
strumming pattern and it is up to you which strings you wish to hit whilst 
strumming. Just hit the first few strings sometimes for that thinner sound 
they got going on. Listen to the song :)

Pretty simple song, I suggest checking out one of the "chord tabs" on this 
site for the rest of the song. Just wanted to write this section out of those 
people interested as I couldn't find it on ultimate guitar.


    Am              C               G     slide

e|---1-1--3-1-0-1--| Play through 
B|---1-1--1-1-0-1--| twice. Repeat
G|---2-2-----------| F chord 4 
D|---3-3-----------| times on 2nd
A|---3-3-----------| play through.
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