Andrew Lloyd Webber - Think Of Me chords

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                   Think of me - Andrew Lloyd Webber 
Tabbed by: selectlolage
This is the chords and vocal version I promised. Enjoy! :)
Standard tuning, no capo.

Intro: D
D            A
Think of me, think of me fondly
G                   A7
When we've said goodbye
  D          A        
Remember me, once in a while
       G                  A7
Please promise me, you'll try

Bm                          F#7
When you'll find that once again you long
             Bm7               E7
To take your heart back and be free
          D           Bm
If you'll ever find a moment
A     G A       A7  D   (and fade)
Spare a thought for me

Enjoy, and please comment corrections and rate. :)
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