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Andrew Peterson - Loose Change chords

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I don't know why the chords are so far to the right, but the chords and lyrics are all here.

Capo up somewhere between 3 and 5.

"Loose Change," by Andrew Peterson

C                                                                                 G
Iíd give you all of me to know what you were thinking 

                C                             A7                      D
And if I had one wish, Iíd wish I wasnít sinking here 

Cdim                      Em
Drowning in this well 

Oh, canít you tell 

         C                                                    G
That I canít pick myself up off the ground 

Well, Iíve been face down 

                         G            B7
And pushed aside 

                     C                                                       G
Well, you know Iíd rather just turn tail and run 

Than lie here in the sun 

         Cdim                         Em
And watch you pass me by 

           D                           C
Cause I ainít worth a dime 

(Yeah yeah ... oh yeah...)

G/B       D/A      G/B    C      G/B     D

                                     C              G
But if only I could stand up straight, 

                                  D           G
I wouldnít have to lie and wait 

                            C      G
Iíd get up and roll away 

And never be ignored 

                                                        C           G
Iíve got a feeling that Iím something more 

                                         D       G
Than just a piece of copper ore 

                                        C       G
Turning green and looking for 

The reason I was born 

                   C                                 G
Well, Iíve been around since 1964 

In banks and bottom drawers 

                               G       B7
And on railroad ties 

Iíve been passed around and cast aside 

Skipped and flipped and flattened wide 

  D                            Cdim                     Em                 D
Spun around and thrown away and left alone to lie 


G                                     C         G
But I heard about a penny found 

                          D              G
Lying underneath the couch 

                                             C            G
By a woman who was kneeling down 

Looking for some change 

                                    C           G
Then the woman danced around 

                                 D                     G
And called her friends all over town 

                                     C         G
Told Ďem what was lost is found 

Itís another penny saved 

So I find that all this time 

Beneath the surface, I could shine 

                        D      Cdim                                    Em         D
Like all the gold a king and queen could measure 

                   C                  D                  G
You see, even just a penny is a treasure 
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