Andrew Peterson - Matthews Begats chords

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G    Dsus    Em7    C2
G    Dsus    Em7    C2

G           Dsus
Abraham had Isaac
Em7           C2
Isaac, he had Jacob
G             Dsus          C2  D
Jacob, he had Judah and his kin
Then Perez and Zerah
Came from Judah's woman, Tamar
Perez, he brought Hezron up
    A    D
And then came

G          Dsus
Aram, then Amminadab
Em7                   C2              G 
Then Nahshon, who was then the dad of Salmon
         Dsus           Em7 D
Who with Rahab fathered Boaz
B7                             Em
Ruth, she married Boaz who had Obed
Who had Jesse
B7                         A   D  G     D G
Jesse, he had David who we know as king

G             Dsus       Em7          C2    
David, he had Solomon by dead Uriah's wife
G                 Dsus
Solomon, well you all know him
Em7             C2
He had good old Rehoboam
G           Dsus       C2     D     
Followed by Abijah who had Asa
B7                      Em
Asa had Jehoshaphat had Joram had Uzziah
        B7                        A   D                 
Who had Jotham then Ahaz then Hezekiah

G           Dsus             Em7
Followed by Manasseh who had Amon 
Who was a man
        G           Dsus            C   D
Who was father of a good boy named Josiah
Who grandfathered Jehoiachin
Em                         B7
Who caused the Babylonian captivity
                 A  D
Because he was a liar

G           Dsus       Em7       C2
Then he had Shealtiel, who begat Zerubbabel
G           Dsus      C2  D
Who had Abiud who had Eliakim
B7                       Em
Eliakim had Azor who had Zadok who had Akim
B7                     A     D
Akim was the father of Eliud then

G       Dsus           Em7             C2
He had Eleazar who had Matthan who had Jacob
G                Dsus
Now, listen very closely
        C2               D
I don't want to sing this twice
B7                      Em
Jacob was the father of Joseph
The husband of Mary
    D         G
The mother of Christ
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