Ane Brun - Where Friend Rhymes With End chords

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Capo on 1st

Intro: (Cadd9, G) x 2 

Cadd9                          G
My friend, you left me in the end

Cadd9                          G
I canīt believe Iīm writing a song 

       G/F#               E
where friend rhymes with end

     Am               E
But today I must cave in

        Am                      E
I have trouble forgetting those beautiful eyes

As it is
I must fill your space with lies

and so on....

Friend, you left me in the end
I guess I knew it all along
I guess I expected this song
And it is as it appeared
Like a fist in my stomach and 
Swallowing tears
Your song turned out a sad one
Just as I feared
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