Angel Torres - God Above chords

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"God Above" - Angel Torres
Standard Tuning

C, Em7, D x3
C, D

Verse 1:
 Em                    F#m
Welcome to the world, a world with different turns
  G                     C
daily we hit the floor, from suffering
 Em                   F#m
the wrong directions, the wrong affections
   G                    C               D
the way to change this, is to kneel and praise him.

G          Em7
God above, I reach to you
C                          Em7          D
cause I'm lost and broken, I need your truth.
G          Em7          
God above, I reach to you
C                            Em7         D
 cause I need your guidance, to make my move today.

Intro x1

   Verse 2:
Em                   F#m
Welcome to the dawn, the sun begins to glow
G                               C
your eyes bright up just to see, the real life
Em                F#m
that we all live, that we all breath
G                       C        D
I want to thank you, for who we are now. 

Chorus x1


G          Em7                C
God above, thank you so much for life
    Em7        D
and what's around us.

Chorus x1

end in G.
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