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Angels And Airwaves - The Flight Of Apollo tab

The Flight of Apollo - AvA

soft notes played on a piano while Tom sings "I'm falling"

then at 1:30 guitar:

E  ------------------------------------------------|
B  ------------------------------------------------|
G  ------------------------------------------------|
D  --------7--5----7--5---11--7--5-7-5-------------|
A  --------7--5----7--5---11--7--5-7-5-------------|
E  --------5--3----5--3---9---5--3-5-3-------------|

Verse IMMEDIATELY comes in after intrp guitar is played.

             Play this at 1:42:
E  ---------------------------------------------------|
B  ------------------------or like this---------------|
G  ----11-11--11--11--11------11----------------------|
D  ----11-11--11--11--11------------------9--7--------|
A -----9--9---9---9---9-------9-----------7--5--------|
E  ---------------------------------------------------|

(Palm muted)

E  -----------------------------------------------|
B  -----------------------------------------------|
G  -----------------------------------------------|
D ----6666-6666---7777-7777--9999-9999------------|
A  ----4444-4444---5555-5555--7777-7777-----------|
E  -----------------------------------------------|

(Tons of strings and synth hear, but listen closely you can hear chords  being played 
so lightly).

Clean with a bit of echo

E  --0---0--------repeat-----------|
B  --11--9-------------------------|
G  --------------------------------|
D ---------------------------------|
A  --------------------------------|
E  --------------------------------|

repeat all of the above again

Last chorus add in the third chord (below) listen to song to find where

E  --0---0----0-------------------|
B  --11--9----12------------------|
G  -------------------------------|
D --------------------------------|
A  -------------------------------|
E  -------------------------------|

Toms rap at the end:

E  --------------------------------------------------------|
B  --------------------------------------------------------|
G  --------------------------------------------------------|
D ---5------7-7--7-7--7-----5-5-5-5------------------------|
A  --5-slide-7-7--7-7 --7-slide-5-5-5-5--------------------|  repeat over and over
E  --3-----5-5--5-5---5------3-3-3-3-----------------------|

Then Young London starts:

E  ----------------------------------|
B  ----------------------------------|
G  ----------------------------------|
D -----7-7----7--7-------------------|
A  ----7-7----7--7-------------------|
E  ----5-5----5--5-------------------|

then crazy riff that I'm trying to figure out.
til next time. Help AvA out and send the link to their album to everyone you know!!!!
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