Angry Amputees - Want Dead tab

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Angry Amputees - Want Dead
By: Leonardo Talarico

Intro : Bb

Base :Bb D# C


O riff serve pra parte que ela faz a base e toca o riff a base é a mesma Bb D# C

Bb                                     D#         C
What am I supposed to do, when there's no getting over you?
Bb                               D#              C
What am I supposed to say when I know that you're miles away
Bb                        D#        C
How could it be that you don't even know my name?
Bb                          D#         C
What will I do when there's no one but you?

G          Bb              D#             C
Well many people say that I should let you go your way
G          Bb               D#      F
But in my head I know that I will seize the day

(Riff Com 0utra guitarra em cima do G menos na ultima frase:''High and..'')

Bb                            D#         C
So many people think that I've gone a little mad
Bb                                      D#
And everyone around me says that I should pack up
And find a better Fuck plan
Bb                           D#             C
But who am I to fake when I wish we were together baby
Bb                           D#                C
High and dray I find myself alone, and it's no better


Bb               F               D#       C
If you don't want me Well I just want you dead
Bb( com riff)                               D#
I find it hard to live when all I want is you
Bb               F               D#       C
The key to misery when I'm by myself and thinking

That nothing will ever take your place
But no one will ever walk away

Bb (riff)

From me but all I really have to say

Bb F D# C
All I want is you!
Well I just want you dead!
But you're killing me instead.
All I want is you!
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