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Animals - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place tab

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SONG:   We Gotta Get Out of this Place
ARTIST: Animals

I can't promise this is accurate, but it sounds close.
Corrections, as always, are welcome.


It's best to play this song with bass accompaniment, but 
you can do the bass part on guitar like so:

(repeat through verses)
E --------------------
B --------------------
G -------3-2-0--------
D ---5---------3------
A -3---3--------------
E --------------------

occasionally, the guitar kicks in (listen for timing):

E -5--6--8--
B -5--6--8--
G -6--7--9--
D ----------
A ----------
E ----------


alternate between

E -----------------
B -10--3--5--------
G -10--3--5--------
D -10--3--5--------
A --8--1--3--------
E -----------------
(obviously, you can do the Bb and C at the 6th and 
8th frets if you prefer, but this way you can add a
bit of slide)


E --------------------
B -10--12-------------
G -10--12-------------
D -10--12--10---------
A --8--10--10---------
E ----------8---------

then, over "girl, there's a better life...", strum and hold:

E -1--
B -3--
G -2--
D -0--
A ----
E ----

and then repeat 2x before returning to the verse 
(single strums):

E --------------------
B -10--8--3--5--------
G -10--8--3--5--------
D -10--8--3--5--------
A --8--6--1--3--------
E --------------------


Mike Hardie
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