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Anita Lipnicka - Learning How To Fall tab

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Anita Lipnicka &John Porter 
Album: Nieprzyzwoite Piosenki (2003)
Song: Learning How To Fall

Great CD that i cant understand hasnt been tabbed here before! 
I will try to get time to add them all!

Intro: F, E, G

F                           E
In your world of admirers, lovers, hangers on, 
Bathroom mirrors, ghosts and fleeting friends 
F                  E
Your SOSs, your emotional messes 
And your daily dramas without end 
[ Tab from: ]
(Same as bove)
You're victories, wardrobe full of clothes you never wear 
A vase of daffodils in your window 
It's here I found the graveyard of my dreams 
The ones I didn't want to know 

   Am          Bb         D
A----1-1-0---0-3-3-1---1-5-5-3------------------------------- x2

      F      C  Dm             Bb
We're learning, learning how to fall 
      F      C  Dm             Bb
We're learning, learning how to fall
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