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Another Blue Door - Christmas 98 chords

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Christmas '98 by Another Blue Door
tabbed by: _Batman_
THIS IS 100% RIGHT!!!......jk, people aways say that though

This is as close as I could get in one sitting.
I think the second "fast" part may be a little wrong,
let me know what ya'll find and I'll fix it.


****Verse Chords****
(These chord names are probably horrifically wrong)

G3	 300030
D/F#     200030
Em2	 020030
C9       032030

***Chords for "Fast" parts****

C	 032010
G3	 300030     *Same as above
D	 000230
A	 002220
Em	 022000 or 022030 (the second one sometimes sounds better in this song)

***Here is a Brief overview of what chords are played without the words****

"slow" part progression

G3 D/F# Em2 C9

First "fast" part progression

C G D A E C G 

(note that the last G of this prg is the first G of the previous prog)

Second "fast" part progression


(This one may be a bit wrong, and the same goes for the last G)

****Here is the chords over the words****

%christmas '98%

G3               D/F#					("slow" part)
     snow Falls Down
Em2                    C9  
  While I'm smoking outside your house
G3                         D/F#
And everytime I see those blinking lights, 
             Em2           C9
I think of Jesus.
c                 G					("fast" part)
If you want me to go
D                   A
I'll follow this trail of snow
  E                 C                 G			("slow" part) 
It'll take me back home to my empty bed

D/F# Em2 C9

G3                   D/F#      
    Showed up at three
 Em2                    C9         
  See your boyfriend dressed just like me
G3                              D/F#     
 tucked my heart back under my sleeve 
 Em2                       C9            
said polite things to your family
C                  G3       
   and archers of love					("fast" part)
yeah they got it right
I'm boled home by empty street light
Em                     C                              G3
    their all out of sync and I've have too much to drink
and i swerve from the left to the right
Em                 C               G3         
    and I'm all alone when I get home
                                    D                 A            
and I think of Jesus under those blinking lights
                C                              G3     	  ("slow" part)
I turn on the stereo to make it sound like christmas

D/F# Em2 C9

G3               D/F#
      What can I say
Em2              C9  
We've drivted a distance away
G3                   D/F#
   How sincere can I sound
                  Em2                  C9  
Underneath these blinking lights...

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